Maximizing companies’ profits for more than 25 years with thorough cost-effective and unrivaled investigative information gathering and reporting.
We don’t just regurgitate results back to you … we analyze, interpret and summarize our findings in a concise yet comprehensive matter.



Our team of investigators leverage advanced technology, discrete communications, and techniques
developed with 150 years of experience to gather, interpret, analyze and summarize our findings with acumen.

Provide creditors and others with information about an individual or entity’s assets to assist them in the analysis of the subject’s financial strength and likely recovery of claims (in the case of debtors subjects).  Allows creditors and others to determine a subject’s financial condition and in the case of a debtor, determine whether to pursue collection and how to best maximize recovery and debts.

Provide employers with information to assist with the evaluation of whether to hire a prospective employee.  Allows employers to hire with confidence and reduce exposure to losses resulting from a bad hire by checking criminal history verifying credentials, and obtaining other relevant information that may assist employers in their employment decision.

Provides creditors, spouses, and others with detail information on bank and investment accounts.

Provides creditors and others with information pertaining to vehicle ownership and driver license records.

File and/or serve subpoenas, complaints, or any other documents upon parties.

J.F. Zimmelman is the sole owner of the information it gathers on it’s site.  J.F. Zimmelman will not share any of your information with any outside party without your explicit consent unless we are required by law or in good faith believe that such action is necessary in order to conform to the edicts of the law, cooperate with law enforcement agencies, or comply with a legal process served on our website.

We collect contact information such as name, mailing address, email address and phone number.  We also collect company information such as company name and website URL.  We use this information for the purpose of processing your order(s) and generating an invoice for services.



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